Our Selection of In-Stock Cables Ready to be Shipped
Directly to You!

One of the best reasons to have Cameron Connect as your partner for wire and cable is our selection of in-stock and ready to ship cables. To ensure quick project completion with minimal delays, we showcase our selection of ready-to-ship cables used in the renewable, steel, and transit markets.

Here’s some of our featured selection of in-stock cables:

  • 35KV UD AL 1/3CN 133% MV-90 (1/0, 4/0, 500MCM, 750MCM, 1000MCM, 1250 MCM)
  • 500 MCM CU EPR/PVC 35KV 100% CTS MV-105 (26,000’ – 13×2000’)
  • Wind Tower Cable – DLO 2KV EPR/CPE ALUMINUM (1/0 thru 1000MCM)

These cables are just a simple call away from being delivered directly to you. Don’t wait! Contact us today!