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In Stock Cables

Our Selection of In-Stock Cables Ready to be Shipped
Directly to You!

One of the best reasons to have Cameron Connect as your partner for wire and cable is our selection of in-stock and ready to ship cables. To ensure quick project completion with minimal delays, we showcase our selection of ready-to-ship cables used in the renewable, steel, and transit markets.

Here’s some of our featured selection of in-stock cables:

  • 35KV UD AL 1/3CN 133% MV-90 (1/0, 4/0, 500MCM, 750MCM, 1000MCM, 1250 MCM)
  • 500 MCM CU EPR/PVC 35KV 100% CTS MV-105 (26,000’ – 13×2000’)
  • Wind Tower Cable – DLO 2KV EPR/CPE ALUMINUM (1/0 thru 1000MCM)

These cables are just a simple call away from being delivered directly to you. Don’t wait! Contact us today!

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Markets We Serve

Cameron Connect, a cable and wire solutions company, caters to the diverse needs of the renewables, transit, and steel industries with a comprehensive range of offerings. We are committed to providing high-quality and tailored cable solutions that meet the demands of each industry, ensuring durability, efficiency, and reliability in all applications.


  • Bulk cable
  • Custom kits
  • Hardware and accessories
  • Plug and play systems
  • Customized cable solutions


  • VFD
  • MV Cable
  • Instrumentation
  • Control
  • Power
  • SOOW
  • High temp
  • Bare wire
  • Tower AL DLO
  • 2KV PV


  • Cables Engineered for endurance in harsh, isolated operating environments
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EXRAD® In-Stock

Cameron Connect is featuring our in-stock products for the rail industry.

We carry both EXRAD®RTW Thin-Wall Rail Car Wire and EXRAD® Rail Multi-Conductor LSZH Control Cables.

The EXRAD®RTW Thin-Wall Rail Car Wire has features such as flexibility for saving space, flame resistance, and has a tough, dual-layer insulation system that meets requirements of NYCT TX-TW specs. It is ideal for harsh environments of rail cars where the wiring can be subjected to a multitude of challenging physical and environmental stresses.

The EXRAD® Rail Multi-Conductor LSZH Control Cables meet rigorous North American rail transit standards and are flexible, rugged, and highly flame and smoke resistant as well as moisture and sunlight resistant.

Contact us today to learn more about these products!

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Help When You Need It Most

Cameron Connect knows that performance in renewable energy, steel, and transit markets demands steady infrastructure. Because of this, we offer 24/7/365 emergency services to keep you, your project, and others safe.

Whether it’s a wind turbine breakdown or a solar power glitch, minimizing downtime in steel mill production, addressing transit communication breakdowns or power supply issues, our experts are available to assist when you need it most.

Cameron Connect is committed to delivering quality products and services. Your market is crucial and any stalls in service can hinder production, power, safety, and other issues. Rest assured knowing when any problem arises, help can be on the way any hour of any day. Cameron Connect keeps things moving.

Contact us today.

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Experts in Transit

Cameron Connect – Experts in Transit

We have cables and custom solutions designed for the transit industry.

Cameron Connect’s Transit team works in partnership with their customers to maximize productivity and profitability through innovative cable solutions and services.

Unrivaled Expertise in the Transit Market

We have cables engineered for durability in harsh, isolated operating environments. Some of our in-stock and ready to ship products include:

  • UL 2196 2 Hour Fire-rated 600V Cables For Life Safety Circuits
  • LSZH 600V NFPA 130/502 Compliant Cables
  • Champion Fiberglass Phenolic X-wall Conduit
  • On-car Communication and Control Cables

Contact us today to fulfill your transit needs.

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Experts in the Steel Marketplace

Cameron Connect – Wired For Steel

Having the right cable at the right time is crucial for the success of your project and Cameron Connect is the key. With our unmatched service and expertise, Cameron Connect is your go-to partner for your steel market project.

Unrivaled Expertise in the Steel Market

Cameron Connect’s Steel Team has established themselves as an industry leader supporting some of the largest steel manufacturers in the nation.

Lead With VFD Cables

Power Cables

Cameron Connect is stocking “low friction” copper and aluminum XHHW-2 from leading manufacturers in an array of colors.

Cameron Connect’s unparalleled expertise and service makes us the ideal partner for your steel project. Our deep understanding of steel manufacturing operations puts us above the competition. By partnering with Cameron Connect, steel manufacturers can know that they will have the right cable on time.

Contact us today to fulfill your cable needs.

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Ready for shipment!

Ready for shipment!
Trust Cameron Connect for your Steel market cable needs. We are stocked and ready for your call.

Featured cables:

  • VFD cables
  • Single XHHW-2 (aluminum and copper)
  • Tray cables (THHN and XLP)
  • Flexible tray cables
  • MV cables (5-35KV)
  • Bare copper
  • Signal cables
  • DLO cables

Contact Jim Vaughn today!

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Renewable Energy and Transit In-stock cables

We are stocked and ready for your orders. Whether you’re in the Renewable Energy or Transit markets, trust Cameron Connect for your cable needs.

We are currently featuring our 35KV AL UD, AL XHHW and DLO Cables that are in-stock and ready for immediate delivery!

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Over 45 Years of Wire & Cable Experience

Jason Campbell began his career in Wire & Cable in 2003 when he moved to Manhattan Beach, CA to assist his uncle with his local distribution business. He is now currently Cameron Connect’s General Manager.

Patrick McNamara started his career in Wire and Cable in 1996 at a prominent transit cable distributor where he spent 26 years focused on sales in the Transit and Telcom industries. Patrick joined the Cameron Connect team in 2022 as the National Sales Director -Transit

Check Out Our Transit Capabilities
Call us for your transit cable needs We supply EXRAD®* crosslinked transit cable meeting AAR 585 and NFPA 130/502 approvals.
*Manufactured by Champlain Cable

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We have EVERYTHING in-stock

We have EVERYTHING in-stock to help your hurricane relief and support efforts, including Portable Power Copper DLO 2kV cable and 35kV AL UD cable (UL Approved).

Why choose Cameron Connect?

  • We have cable IN-STOCK, not a 30+ week wait time like others
  • We can cut to length
  • Various sizes available
  • Customize to your specification